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Take a break? Below is an overview of holiday homes these holiday homes can be rented for a week, midweek, long weekend or a few days. If you want to get away quickly, there are probably a few last minutes. There is also room for your dog in a number of holiday homes. In short, all the ingredients for a wonderful holiday in a holiday home along the Groningen coast.

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buitenaanzicht Noflik
starting € 495.44  Last Minute vogelvlucht 9.3
2 persons cottage in the dunes
Mo 17/06 - Fr 21/06
lastminute € 480.00

buitenaanzicht Frije Fûgel
starting € 435.00 
Frije Fûgel
Holiday cottage, sleeps 4, at the edge of the wildlife area near Lauwersoog

buitenaanzicht Zon en Zee
starting € 1 320.00  vogelvlucht 8.7
Zon en Zee
9 persons holiday home on the Badweg near the sea

buitenaanzicht Vuurtorenpad 12a
starting € 625.44  vogelvlucht 9.0
Vuurtorenpad 12a
Cottage in the dunes, sleeps 2

buitenaanzicht Witvink
starting € 461.54  8.6
holiday home for 4 persons on the outskirts of the village and dunes

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